The Human Trap: Korean Horror Thriller Heads to VOD Next Month

The Korean horror thriller The Human Trap heads to Prime Video and other VOD streaming platforms in early January 2024.

The Human Trap Details and Release Date

The film, also known as A Trap, was first released in 2021, but didn’t make its way overseas until earlier this year.

Two young couples go to a camping site for a getaway. Little did they know the risk they were getting into.

Their idyllic vacation turns sour as the foursome gets forcibly taken to a makeshift medical lab where a deranged Christian doctor and his assistant plot disturbing medical experiments on the captive youths. Infused with pitch-black humor, The Human Trap unleashes waves of shocking violence as the terrified teens fight for their lives.

The Human Trap is directed by Lee Moon-young (Rainbow Goddess). It stars Kim Dong-ho, Byeol Kang, and Park Yeon-woo (Love is for Suckers).

The Human Trap will be released on VOD platforms on January 11, 2024.

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