Anyone But You Nude Scenes
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Anyone But You Nude Scenes: Do Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell Get Naked?

Anyone But You is now out in theaters and many potential viewers want to know more about the “brief graphic nudity” that has helped earn the movie an R rating. Here’s what you need to know about the nude scenes and whether Sydney Sweeney and/or Glen Powell get naked in the film. For audiences concerned about the level of nudity in the movie, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to see.

Does Sydney Sweeney have nude scenes in Anyone But You?

There are brief moments where Sydney Sweeney is partially nude. However, she is never fully naked and the “graphic nudity” warning likely doesn’t apply to her.

Viewers should expect to see Sweeney wearing bikini outfits and her implied nudity during a sex scene.

Does Glen Powell have nude scenes in Anyone But You?

Glen Powell is seen naked from behind and is implied to be naked during a sex scene.

Out of fear that a spider has fallen into his clothing, Glen Powell’s character strips off to be totally naked. The camera shows his entire naked body from behind.

Who is the naked woman in Anyone But You?

The naked woman in Anyone But You is Charlee Fraser, who appears topless during a full-frontal shot.

Additionally, the movie briefly shows a man’s penis. This, combined with the brief inclusion of breasts, likely contributed to the “brief graphic nudity” warning that helped result in the movie’s R rating.

For those worried about the level of nudity in the movie, you should fully expect to see a penis, breasts, a fully naked (from behind) Glen Powell, and the implied nudity of Sydney Sweeney.

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