The Abyss 4K Release Shelved in UK Over Refusal to Cut a Scene

UK fans of James Cameron’s The Abyss will have to import a copy of the film in 4K if they want it, as a battle over the censoring of a scene has seen its release there canceled.

UK Fans Staring Into The Abyss Once More

The scene in question features a rat submerged in breathing fluid. Censors asked for it to be cut despite the rat being unharmed in real life.

According to a source for Digital Bits, Disney was apparently happy to, but Lightstorm subsequently vetoed it. With that impasse in place, the film’s scheduled release was dropped, and once more, the UK will struggle to get a hold of The Abyss as easily.

The upside for UK fans is that if they do want to bring over a US copy, it will, like all 4K films, be region-free.

The Abyss was supposed to release alongside fellow Cameron classics True Lies and Aliens. All three remain available to order for North American audiences. However, the early reception of the 4K transfer of True Lies in digital form saw criticism for spoiling the look of the film.

The Abyss increasingly feels like a movie close to Cameron’s heart as an oil rig crew is sent to search for a lost submarine and encounters something otherworldly 25,000 feet below the waves.

The Abyss is still due to be released on 4K UHD disc on March 12, 2024.

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